Brittle Bark

Handmade Artisan Chocolates & Gourmet Brittles Featuring Cocoa Creek Chocolates

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    The retail store is closed  but the website is OPEN!

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    Visit the Cocoa Creek Chocolates store for your Brittle Bark favorites!  18 S 18th Street in Camp Hill

  • Brittle Bark vday 2019

    Visit Cocoa Creek Chocolates for Valentine’s Day truffles!

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    Brittle Bark Poppin’ Time – celebrating 19 years of yummy!

Our Story

Diane Krulac was a busy single mother back in 1992, traveling for a growing software business. When the preschool bake sale committee called and asked her to make 6 cakes for the annual fund raiser, she knew she needed an alternative that would sell as well as homemade cakes, but that could be made ahead of time in small batches. Candy sounded like a great idea! After trial and error (many) she perfected her peanut brittle recipe to create an original one that was thin, crispy, creamy, and not too sugary sweet. She tried it on family and friends and…

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