Brittle Bark

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Brittle Bark Story


Brittle Bark Story

Diane Krulac was a busy single mother back in 1992, traveling for a growing software business. When the preschool bake sale committee called and asked her to make 6 cakes for the annual fund raiser, she knew she needed an alternative that would sell as well as homemade cakes, but that could be made ahead of time in small batches. Candy sounded like a great idea! After trial and error (many) she perfected her peanut brittle recipe to create an original one that was thin, crispy, creamy, and not too sugary sweet. She tried it on family and friends and their immediate reaction was, “I want more!”.

Diane started Brittle Bark Company in October 2003 selling at craft shows and eventually to other stores across the country. “Simply the Best” are the words heard as customers experienced the many varieties of Brittle Bark. Using the highest quality ingredients, Brittle Bark is still hand made a single batch at a time all year round.

After being selected as the “Snack of the Day” by Rachael Ray on her nationally syndicated show, Brittle Bark opened a retail store in 2008 in downtown Mechanicsburg, PA.  Featuring 15+ varieties of Brittle Bark year-round, people came to taste and purchase different varieties for themselves and family and friends.

Diane began to see how handmade chocolates could satisfy her customers’ growing interest in specialty sweets. She went back to school to become a Chocolatier, and chocolate began to play a bigger role. In thinking about chocolate and the unique flavors that she wanted to create, it reminded her of the many creeks in Pennsylvania where each has a “personality” yet together they create a powerful waterway. The many flavors provided by different types of chocolate -both on the national and international level – and the interesting fruits, spices and spirits create unique chocolate experience for her customer’s enjoyment.

2017: Cocoa Creek Chocolates is born. Each creation is a celebration of the bean from a Cacao tree! Collections available now include:


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