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DIY Chocolate House

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Learn how to make and build a 3-D chocolate house! Often this project takes 2 people to make and put together, so it is the perfect couples or family project. It includes 5 pounds if chocolate so once made lots for sharing.

Make 2 sides and a front and back to the house with a door on each. Choose different colors for the shutters and window trim (as shown above) , and a different color for the 2 sided roof. Use the colored decorating chocolate for the doors and and to “glue” sprinkles and chocolate pieces. Receive 2 of the same mold for this kit (shown above filled with chocolate – will come clear and with no chocolate in the mold ) so that 2 of each piece can easily be made at the same time. Also decorate the house like you would a gingerbread house with sprinkles and chocolate candy pieces!

Included in the kit:

  • 2 lb Chocolate for 4 house pieces and chimney (Milk, Dark or White)
  • 1  lb Chocolate for 2 roof pieces (Milk, Dark or White)
  • 2  lb Colored chocolate for doors  and decorating
  • 6 packets of different sugars, confetti & sprinkles in different colors, 1 packet of multi-colored candy bits and 1 packet of colored candy coated chocolate pieces
  • 2 clear plastic molds: house side, house front roof and 2 chimney pieces (Used in classes but in like-new condition and Free! washed, rinsed and sanitized)
  • 8 pastry bags and small plastic cups for sprinkles
  • printed instructions