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DIY Chocolate Pizza

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Chocolate Pizza

Make a chocolate pizza! This fun project will create a personal size pizza (8″) that can be shared – or Not! There are 2 molds for this class: Chocolate Crust and Pizza Toppings. We show 2 different ideas from MANY that you may come up with. One is more “realistic” and the other is colorful. Choose Milk, Dark or White chocolate for your crust, and then make the toppings (pepperoni, green pepper strips, onions, & mushroom pieces) in chocolate using the pizza topping mold. Included in the kit are 8 packets of all different colors of fancy toppings! You can also add a chocolate drizzle to compete your pizza. Included in the kit is a white pizza box that you can decorate with your own markers, and then store your completed project in a cello bag and place in the box. Instructions included that explains how to melt the chocolate in the microwave, fill the molds using pastry bags, use your refrigerator to cool your project, and then complete your project by adding the chocolate “cheese” and putting the different chocolate toppings you made on top. The last step after adding the pizza toppings is to use the different sprinkles to decorate the pizza and make it a showcase sweet treat!

Included in the kit:

  • 3 pounds of chocolate:
    • Chocolate for crust (1lb of Milk, Dark, or White chocolate)
    • 3  8oz bags of colored white chocolate for pizza toppings: (Reddish Brown, Green, White or Blue, Yellow, Lavender)
    • Chocolate Cheese (8oz Milk, Dark, or Yellow)
  • 8 packets of different sprinkles in different colors
  • pizza box
  • 2 molds: pizza crust and pizza toppings (Used in classes but in like-new condition and Free! washed, rinsed and sanitized)
  • Cello bag to put pizza in
  • Pizza Box
  • 6 pastry bags
  • small plastic cups for sprinkles
  • printed instructions