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Summer Chocolatier Classes

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Summer Chocolatier Series

Children (4-6 years), Youth (7-11 years), Teens (12-16 years ) and Adults (17+) have the unique opportunity to learn about chocolate and how to hand-make artistic and delicious creations to give as gifts to friends, family or yourself! Each class focuses on teaching through demonstration and personal guidance the techniques used to create a specific project. These techniques include how to:

  • Melt milk, dark and white compound chocolate
  • Temper milk and dark chocolate using special tempering equipment (teens only)
  • Experiment with coloring white chocolate and creating “special effects”
  • Incorporate flavorings into chocolate (for example, raspberry, peppermint…)
  • Fill chocolate molds using a pastry bag to make chocolate pieces, bars, and other molded 2-D and 3-D pieces
  • Decorate chocolate to create original art
  • Use a dipping fork to dip pretzels and cookies in chocolate and add toppings (such as mini chocolate chips, crushed toffee, sprinkles and more!)
  • Design gift packaging for your chocolate creations
  • Use packaging equipment

Children 4-6 years experience making a chocolate project with an adult family member; youth and teens enjoy the class experience on their own and learn processes and techniques based on the project defined for the class. To maximize students’ experience, classes are limited to 4 participants except the Adult classes – please review the class details for each Adult class.

All supplies, ingredients and gift-packaging materials are provided.

45 minute class: $12.00 (Mommy and Me)

75 minute (1 ¼ hour) class: $18.00 (Youth & Teen)


90 minute (1 1/2 hour): $18 (Adult Chocolatier classes).

YOUTH and TEEN: SAVE! Book 2 classes and save $2.00 on each class.

Call the Brittle Bark store to learn more and reserve your space! (717) 697-6950.