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Donation Requests

Donation Requests


We are a small Specialty Candy Shoppe committed to our community including nonprofit groups, charities, our loyal customers, and special events that benefit Cumberland County  residents and visitors who come throughout the year to our wonderful communities. Because of the high number of schools, pre-schools, sports teams, and churches in Cumberland County who need to raise money through a variety of events, we offer fund raising as an option in lieu of a donation. Please contact us 60 days (or more)  in advance to see if we can offer this option in your time period and so that we can plan the fund raiser to meet your goals.

Even though we are small, we budget an amount each year towards donation requests, and allocate 1/4th of the budget quarterly.

Currently we have accepted all the donations for 2018. We will not accept any donation requests until January 2019.

Tell us about your Event or Fund Raiser: